Sunday, 15 April 2018

How to Make the Perfect Granny Square (without twisty corners) - Crochet Tutorial

Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying the weekend.  For a while now I have been wanting to add a tutorial section to my blog aimed at beginners.  This will enable them to turn the basic stitches that they have learned into a blanket or throw.  Something to help them on their journey from novice to pro in no time at all.  I am hoping to include a variety of very easy patterns and perhaps a section on different joining methods and so on.  So without further ado...

How to Make the Perfect Granny Square

sc - single crochet
dc - double crochet
sl st - slip stitch
 ch - chain
 sp - space

Instructions in parenthesis [  ] are repeated the required number of times.  Join new colours with a sl st.

 Foundation Chain 4 and join with a sl st to form a ring

Round 1 (right side) ch 3, 2 dc into ring, ch 2, [ 3 dc into the ring, ch 2] 3 times, join with a sl st to the top of starting ch 3 and fasten off.  Turn your work over.

Round 2 (wrong side) join a new colour in any corner sp, ch 3, 2 dc into same sp, ch 2, 3 dc into same sp (corner formed), [ 3 dc into the next sp, ch 2, 3 dc into same sp] x3, join with a sl st to the top of the chain 3 and fasten off.  Turn your work over.

Round 3 (right side) join a new colour in any corner sp, chain 3, 2 dc in same sp, ch 2, 3 dc in same sp, [3 dc in next sp, 3 dc in next sp, ch 2, 3 dc in same sp] x 3, 3 dc in next sp, join with a sl st to the top of the chain 3 and fasten off.  Turn your work over.

Continue in this way...

...round after round... the same manner...

...changing colours and turning your work over after each round (this keeps your squares nice and straight with no twisty corners and adds a lovely texture).  Oh and don't forget to weave in all those pesky ends...

Now you have mastered the basic granny square you can use this for the base of many projects.  Make lots of squares and join them together to make a blanket or throw.  For a super easy baby blanket project just keep adding more and more rounds to your square until you get to the size you want and you can make a pretty blanket like this one...

Full printable instructions for this blanket can be found in both my Etsy and Ravelry stores...


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  1. Nice! What a good idea! I'm sure many people will appreciate this.
    And you've learned me something too, although I thought I wasn't a beginner anymore. At least, if I understand you correct. With the colourchange I always went on where I ended, but you can start in any corner ofcourse! That I never thought of trying that! This makes the square much prettier. Thank's!

    1. Thanks Sigrid. You certainly aren't a beginner, your crochet is stunning!

  2. Thank you for sharing your tutorial. The blanket is so beautiful. One of these days I will start a granny square :)

    1. Your'e welcome Ginny and you must be sure to share a picture when you make one...

  3. Ah! I learned to make my first Granny. And it is perfect!

  4. I have to admit I only start turning my granny square from round 3 or 4 on, but it might be a good idea to do so right from the start... Thank you for the tutorial, dear Catherine. BTW: It's featured at this month's Link-Up Party!

  5. You can't beat the granny square for charm and a must-have for all homes! I love the soft colours you've used!

    1. Yes they are so addictive and can look so different depending on the colours you choose...

  6. A beautiful blanket, with nice colours.

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    women think. Also, thank you for allowing me to comment!

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